10 Design Ideas To Create That Luxurious Bedroom Feel

When we get into the interior design of our homes, we tend to start in high traffic common spaces, like the living room or entryway. In reality, most of us spend the majority of our time in the bedroom. Spending some time decorating your bedroom can make all the difference not only for your home, but for your happiness as well.

Here are a few ideas that will turn your bedroom into a luxurious space that you won’t want to leave.

Decorate with textures

The possibilities for texture in a bedroom are virtually limitless. Hang a collection of textures and then see which ones speak to you. That same collection can be used in your living room or even your bath. Texture can make a space feel cozy and relaxed, but it can also bring a room to life. Pull out those fabrics, rugs, and even artwork and accessories you haven’t seen in years, and see what you like. Provide some lighting Good lighting makes a huge difference in a bedroom. It brightens up the room, creating a romantic and romantic space. A variety of lighting sources can create a warm and beautiful bedroom environment. Invest in a memory foam mattress Memory foam mattresses are a luxurious way to sleep, especially in the bedroom.

Add layers and depth

One of the easiest ways to transform your bedroom into a luxurious space is by building depth into your design. While there’s no shortage of cozy duvets and pillows, try adding more layers that allow you to hide out from the cold (or from the world). Mix and match textiles like throws, curtains, sheets and comforters to add depth and keep things interesting. Simplify Your bedroom should be just a place to get away from the everyday stuff. Not everything needs to be a replica of your home’s living room. If you want to add depth and layers to your bedroom, don’t overwhelm your space with piles of linens. Try creating a floating bed or two by incorporating floating beds that double as nightstands.

Stay hydrated with a bedside carafe

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Choose a luxurious bed

If you sleep on a typical mattress and box spring, your bedroom probably looks quite cramped, and your whole room may suffer from lack of space. Choose a luxury bed and you’ll instantly create the desired atmosphere of an intimate space. If you’re spending time sleeping, you can’t be spending too much time sitting on the edge of a chair. Your bed frame shouldn’t be too high, but you don’t need to choose a super fancy frame either.

A durable design with a high comfort rating will do just fine. A comfortable mattress with the right firmness is also crucial. Bring in some night lights There’s nothing more depressing than spending an evening in your bedroom in the dark. It can really take the romance out of a room if it’s illuminated solely by a wall lamp.

Invest in Luxury Furniture

If you don’t have a larger bed and not enough room to stretch, a sitting area is another way to enjoy an enviable view. If space is an issue, you can invest in a small custom sofa or loveseat. You might also look for a chaise so you can kick back and relax.

Find the perfect lighting

The ambience of your bedroom is about more than just the bed. With soft lighting, a soothing scene on the wall, soft rugs and candlelight, your bedroom can be a relaxing, cozy and inviting space. Some of the best solutions are Serta’s Simply Soft Comfort Collection bedding, and Tiio SmartLED surface lighting.

Bring in colors that soothe

Bedrooms are known for their pale shades. But there is no rule that says a bedroom must be gray. You can create a space that is soothing to your mood by using warmer, more inviting colors, like warm pinks and reds. While using bold, bright colors is fun, it can also seem overwhelming. Warm colors make it easy to live in a space, as you can move around the color without overpowering it. Pick furniture that fits the mood of the room If you have a large bedroom, consider furnishing your space with smaller pieces, like lamps and small furniture. With smaller pieces, you can mix and match to suit the mood and ambience you are trying to achieve in the room. Instead of purchasing one type of bedding, purchase a variety of colors, designs and textures.

Add luxury linens

There’s nothing like a nice soft, light colored cotton sheet to make your bed that much more inviting. At home goods stores, it’s easy to find everything you need to create a beautiful and luxurious sleeping environment. Try out cotton sheets with a cool neutral color for a classic look, or upgrade your comforter to a cashmere one, as these can last you a lifetime. Cotton sheets can also easily transition from summer to fall and winter, so you don’t have to worry about spring cleaning the linens for the next season. Add a walk-in closet If you love to shop, this is a good place to start. Most designers recommend having a good amount of storage space in your bedroom closet.

Accentuate the space with art

Art in the bedroom can make all the difference

We tend to overwork things in our home when it comes to rooms, and while that’s a very valid way to live, it can feel too busy and cluttered. If you have things you love, don’t feel the need to hide them away. If you love a particular design, like mosaics, then display them proudly. A few small framed pieces of art will go a long way, and they don’t have to be expensive pieces. You could put a framed photo or two above a dresser, hang up a family photo or favorite painting, or turn a mirror into a credenza. What about the memory items you have? A few favorite pieces of artwork or photographs that were hanging on the wall in your home but are now in storage? Using those pieces to create a hanging bar in your bedroom can be really elegant.

Maximize storage for clothes and other bedroom essentials

If you’re like most people, you store many of your most valued possessions in the closet or dresser, where they’re exposed to dust, sweat, and the occasional pet. Why not invest in some stylish, well-placed shelving or a stylish armoire to help maximize your storage space while creating a sophisticated and refined look.

Large closets with lots of storage are also a luxury you can have if your closet space is limited. Add to your bedroom decor with some mirrors to reflect your beautiful surroundings.

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