Best Luxury Furniture Brands in the World

The Most Expensive Furniture Brands In The World

If a $20,000 u shaped sectional makes your jaw drop, you’re in for a surprise. Today we’re taking a tour of the most expensive furniture brands in the world. The people and brands who make this furniture use the finest materials, and craftsmanship developed over hundreds of generations.

The world’s most expensive furniture brands

Dellumware – $166,000 Dellumware, also known as Stohlmann & Dellum, is a German company that was founded in 1763. Its chair, which dates back to the 1800s, is made out of sterling silver, glass, wood, bronze, copper, and iron. Some parts of the chair, which is 15.8 ft long, weigh over six tons. This is the second most expensive piece of furniture ever made by Dellumware, and one of the most expensive in the world. The designer who created the piece is Willem Kluth, who also created the Golden Palace chair (which you can view below).

Kluth is an accomplished artist, and is best known for his sculptures. A work of art that will set you back $100,000. Source: History of Dining/Flickr/Creative Commons The Golden Palace – $74,000 The Golden Palace was made by J.P. Siegel in 1950.

Some of the most expensive modern sofa brands include BenchMade Modern.

The History of these brands

Lechner Lechner. This is a 17th-century firm, whose name comes from an Italian term meaning “knife”. The company was founded in Munich in 1535 by Johannes Cuchczik, but it’s known more recently as a designer and manufacturer of decorative arts and is still a family-run business. The materials the furniture is made of The furniture used in this catalog is a mix of Swiss oak, Bavarian cherry and sycamore. We’re looking at the company’s Imperial Armchairs, for example, which are hand carved, hand lacquered, and plated in copper and gold. You won’t be surprised to hear that the Lechner company had a royal wedding present: King George II of England commissioned a set of armchairs in 1730, and King Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden commissioned the set of regal, swivel-backed chairs from 1732.

What is so special about these brands?

There are six categories of goods on our list of the most expensive brands. These categories are each represented by the most expensive furniture brand in each. What sets these brands apart? These brands all use similar materials, but each has their own unique way of building these items. That’s what makes each different and special. They are not all created with the same methods or materials, but each one uses the same principles to build them.


The world has endless options when it comes to furnishings. With so many options and multiple price points, it can be a bit overwhelming. But just remember: It’s what you can’t see that counts. Get the best of both worlds and find inspiration in these highly affordable and luxe pieces. Then, find some great pieces from the world’s most expensive brands, and elevate your home’s appeal.

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