Maximalist Interiors: The Ultimate Guide To Modern Interior Design

Maximalism means more of everything; that means more of your favorite colors, fabrics and accessories. To keep your decor from looking too random, find a few common colors or patterns to repeat through the room. There is a fine line between your decor being an “everything bagel” and a platter of colorful pastries.

What is maximalism?

maximalist design

The term maximalism was popularized by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1940s. The main goal of Wright’s designs was to make each room distinct, rather than duplicating features from another room. His light, organic designs are closely related to the Japanese aesthetic, especially the clean, straight lines and flat surfaces he employed. Wright continued to invent architecture throughout his life, only retiring in the 1950s due to his health. One of his last projects was the Larkin Administration Building in Buffalo, New York. The building is the first to be dedicated as an artist-in-residence by an architect. During the 1950s, an influx of modern artists came to Los Angeles. The city was also home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s museum, the Frank Lloyd Wright-Architecture Museum, and his home.

Maximizing the space

Think about using the space that you have. This is especially true if you are renting or moving in for a short period of time. Having a minimalist living space that gets messy is a waste of space, but having a minimalist space that is always clean and ready to go, is an asset. There are a few key factors to maximize the space in any of your rooms. The first is to have fewer items. Second is to use what you have in the most functional and effective way. Third, is to use contrast. The key is not to overdo it. Look at the very first room in this home.

The art of repetition

Contrast and color are everything when it comes to bold color and minimalist decor. We recommend using color in one room for a pop of color and using color in another room for a pop of contrast. This applies to all different kinds of decor, including your wallpapers, rugs, furniture and even your art. Featured decor stores: We’ve partnered with over 100 of our favorite retailers to bring you this HUGE list of the best decor and furniture. Get in the closet-hunting mood, and start saving up your pennies now!

The art of layering

No one goes into a room and just starts putting stuff everywhere. First you have to look at each piece and see if it will fit in the scheme you are planning. The trick is to make your items your friend; they don’t have to be immediately pleasing to everyone. You want the whole room to look cohesive, but not necessarily identical. Let them look like they belong together in your opinion. Transitional Sets In the same way, the rooms I choose to decorate will often consist of a transitional set. It’s that magic space between “now and later,” so that the future you can live in looks a bit more organized. My current room is a bright colors, color blocked and simple look. My future room will be all neutral, soft and rustic.


When updating your home, choose these 4 tips for a fresh, minimal, contemporary and fun look. Have you ever considered a move to minimalism? In our post “An All Around Urban Dream Home With A Minimalist Agenda” we give you just about everything you need to know to be inspired and make the leap into an urban minimalist style home.

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