Zendaya’s Pink 3D Flower Trousers from Paris Fashion Week

Fashion is so much more than just clothing; it’s a powerful form of self-expression that has the ability to transform not only our outward appearance, but our inner selves as well. When we use fashion to express ourselves, we tap into a deep well of creativity and individuality that can inspire us to be our best selves.

There’s no one better at personal, self-expressive fashion than Zendaya. Adn there’s nothing more expressive than custom trousers in Valentino PP pink. Zendaya added to Valentino’s standout pink design with custom 3D flowers. Zendaya and her hair stylist, Law Roach, came up with the idea to add 3D flowers to the Valentino suit while they were preparing for an event. Designers went to work recovering flowers from their archives, and the rest is history.

Zendaya wore these trousers as part of a full-piece suit (pictured). Everything except the fashionista’s platform pumps, which she refuses to separate with, are available for auction.

Further details below.

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Item: Valentino PP trousers customized with 3D flowers recovered from the archive by several designers

Size: Size 4. If desired, these trousers can be tailored. With some love, they would be suitable for anyone between size 2 and 6.

Condition: Close to new. There is one small snag on the right side just above the pocket, where Zendaya’s new bracelet got caught on her way to visit a friend for dinner at Balthazar in Soho, New York. If the highest bidder desires, we can repair this snag free of charge. We decided to keep the pants in their original condition because we felt the snag tells a story–Zendaya’s story.

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